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As founders of GEM, we are creators...always looking to find impactful methods to affect the lives of children and families, whether through schools, institutions, legislation. We have long considered being in every home, classroom, or on technology devices with a screen and audio capabilities to achieve our vision of reading to every child and inspire a love for literacy. Our reading series is just one solution to overcoming the adverse childhood experiences and literacy deficits children face prior to entering a learning environment.   


We are Michigan based and first look to serve our community and State; yet, we are now getting more attention globally, as a number of our advocacy efforts are reaching the homes of families we could only have dreamed to reach at the start of this journey of ours.


We invite you to consult our website, gemadvocacygroup.org, our youtube channel, GEM Advocacy Group. You can find us on our individual Facebook pages, @benjamin edmondson, @jason gold, Instagram, and LinkedIn. 


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GEM Advocacy Group Reading Series!

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Local Advocacy Group Creates Online Reading Program During Coronavirus Crisis
Saying they are always looking for ways to be creative, Gem Advocacy Group co-founders Dr. Benjamin Edmondson and Jason Gold launched an online reading series to help kids from elementary school age to high school engage in literacy, while all schools are closed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

WEMU's Lisa Barry talks with the Washtenaw County area men about their effort.

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GEM Advocacy Group, LLC (2019), an American small business, aims to protect the greatest investments of public and private schools, non-profits, first responders, government entities, and other advocacy agencies...their people, the hardworking staff, students, volunteers who bring their very best selves everyday. 


We are recognized for our distinct, unique advocacy efforts in three areas: 


(1 ) diversity, equity, inclusion (DEI), 

(2) Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE), and

(3) visible and hidden disabilities


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Our ARC of Healing Series addresses the greatest barriers to human connection. We lead participants through 1) Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE), 2) Resilience, 3) Care, and 4) Healing. The outcomes: participants gain understanding that people around them have been adversely affected, compassion for others, and deliberate actions to support healing communities.


Our SafeBeings Movement safeguards people with invisible and visible disabilities. According to the United Nations, one billion people worldwide—15% of the world population experience some form of disability or one out six people. There are insufficient protections for people with disabilities. We have created  a communication device to protect people with disabilities and a platform to increase being compassionately responsive within the greater public. People with disabilities are not homogenous. When people with disabilities have an episode around other people, usually it has been interpreted as an act of aggression or hostility. What we know is these episodes are a manifestation of a condition or disability. However, the greater public is not aware of this and as a result these episodes can be fatal or adverse for people with disabilities. 


The Collaborative for Student Belonging (CSB) is our network of school districts committed to improving issues related to well being, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), as well as student belonging. The CSB is designed to be multidisciplinary and inclusive as we work together to transform the education system by addressing problematic, omnipresent issues related to DEI. We are developing this membership network, in which leaders, like you, can learn from our expertise in matters of school/district/community race and diversity, as well as from other participating districts. As facilitators of CSB, we will host regularly scheduled monthly Zoom/Google Hangout meetings that include presentations by leaders who explain hot topics and implications to districts. These meetings will provide all members with an important opportunity to engage with participating CSB districts in efforts to identify, disseminate and implement cutting-edge best practices in DEI.


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