Change Management

“In the age of disruption, businesses

live and die by their ability to adapt.”

-Dave Sutton-


GEM Advocacy Group Believes…


Change management is vital to an organization’s ability to survive. Most efforts to change are thwarted by human capital. Leadership often fails to acknowledge and understand the psychology of change. Organizations that understand change theory don’t always know HOW to implement and disseminate ideas to the stakeholders that ultimately decide if an initiative is successful.


of all change initiatives fail.

But why?

In most of the cases organizational-change failures

are driven by negative employee attitudes

and unproductive management behavior.

How we advocate for you:

  • Assess the organization’s readiness and understanding of the change process.

  • Identify the critical competencies necessary for employees to recognize change.

  • Examine the existing barriers and challenges to create an implementation plan.

  • Support leadership through coaching and consulting to combat employee resistance.

  • Develop a strategic plan for changing the culture, practices, and outcomes.

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What People Are Saying....

“Dr. Edmondson’s innovative approach continues to challenge the status quo.”

~R.T. East Lansing, MI~

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