Culture and Climate

The ARC of Healing

Elevating Culture and Climate

5 - Series Workshop 

How do you exhibit care for your staff?  What measures do you take to ensure their personal well-being?  What outcomes might change at the workplace if you prioritized welfare and emotional safety and health of the employees?


GEM Advocacy Group introduces, The ARC of Healing, a 5 series workshop designed to unpack and reveal the:

  • impact of biologic and epigenetic inheritance on life outcomes

  • experience of trauma on early brain development

  • resilience on the healing process

  • necessity of self-reflection on growth

  • strategies built for reflection and transformation


At the workplace, hurt and harm experienced throughout childhood often manifest and exhibit themselves adversely within staff members thus impacting productivity, culture, and climate.  As Peter Drucker articulated, “culture eats strategy for breakfast,” so let our workshops kickstart your efforts to develop a culture that puts employees’ well-being first.


The goals of our workshops are to 1) provide an understanding of how Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE)  impact and manifest within adults; 2) increase and foster resilience in any setting; 3) examine and understand one’s own ecosystem of personal care; and 4) initiate personal healing from ACE.


Who should attend this series?

Everyone can benefit from the training; however, we have intended our series for social service organizations, private, for-profit and non-profit institutions, governmental entities such as mental health agencies, law enforcement, first responders, and public/private/charter schools.


The ARC of Healing Series will expose participants to the following objectives:


  1. Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE): 
    Develop clarity and understanding of ACE and increase knowledge about the biologic and epigenetic impacts. GEM
    will lay the groundwork for a community of practice. (2hrs)


  2. Experiential learning of ACE: 
    Engage in a tabletop, collaborative game that builds understanding of the powerful role experiences have on early brain development – What promotes it?  What derails it? With what consequences for society? (2hrs)

  3. Resilience: 
    Develop clarity and understanding of resilience. Increase knowledge and practice of resilience. Foster resilience in community. (2hrs)

  4. CareMap: 
    Partake in an Atlas CareMapTM, a drawing, and process for self-reflection and action that also provides a catalyst for conversation. It is a diagram of a person’s care ecosystem, drawn by hand, showing who cares for whom, and how. It is a process of helping people to more clearly see and to better understand their existing care ecosystem. (2hrs)

  5. Healing Circles: 
    Engage in a process to initiate personal healing of adverse childhood experiences that incorporates reflection and transformation. (2hrs)

We look forward to hearing back from you on this professional development series and can provide references from those who have experienced our series.


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Benjamin P. Edmondson, Ed.D.                                      Jason Gold, M.S.                              

GEM Advocacy Group will gladly work with your local education specialists to provide professional contact hours.

What People Are Saying....

“Dr. Edmondson sees the “big picture” and inspires others to collaborate to

make the vision come to fruition.  He seems to consider local politics,

students’ needs, and historically low expectations.”  

~S.L. Ypsilanti, MI~

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