Leadership Professional Learning

“One of the most important things about leadership 

is that you have to have the kind of humility 

that will allow you to be coached.”

 -Jim Yong Kim-

GEM Advocacy Group Believes…


Being a strong leader means constantly seeking personal and professional development. Leaders who model inviting and accepting coaching and/or mentorship from an outside consultant create an environment where direct reports feel safe in doing the same.  

An internal report of the Personnel Management Association 

showed that when training is combined with coaching individuals

 increase their productivity by an average of 


 compared to 22% with training alone.

How we advocate for you:

  • Observe the leader interacting with team members.

  • Assess the needs of the organization and the competencies of the leader.

  • Identify areas of growth and establish measurable goals.

  • Provide feedback on the progress.

  • Serve as an accountability partner.

  • Mentorship AND/OR Coaching support.


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What People Are Saying....

“​I am privileged to work with Dr. Edmondson, my mentor, as I navigate

through my first year as an Urban High School Principal. Dr. Edmondson's

passion for education is powerful and contagious, his expertise is impressive,

the practices, procedures, and systems he guided me through while

implementing in my own building are clear, logic and highly effective.”

~I.V. Southfield, MI~

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