SafeBeings™ is the worldwide, self-advocacy

application and platform behind the

"Safety Movement".


SafeBeings is an application and platform causing increase in personal and public safety.


The SafeBeings application is a non-verbal communication tool actualizing personal safety for people with invisible and visible conditions or disabilities.


The SafeBeings platform is a community of individuals influencing public safety.

Our vision for the human experience is:

1. Pause

2. Communicate

3. Connect

4. Be compassionately responsive


The SafeBeings application considers sensory sensitivities and disruption to life. We created this universal tool to minimize sensory triggers.



People with invisible and visible conditions or disabilities are triggered or misunderstood and it frequently results in harm or neglect to themselves or others



Establish SafeBeings as a universal symbol that communicates vulnerability and activates compassion



SafeBeings as a global application and platform influencing personal and public safety



Family members, caregivers and people of the invisible and visible conditions or disabilities 



Cultivate acceptance and understanding within every human experience



A “Compassionately Responsive” world

What People Are Saying....

"GEM Advocacy Group quickly became more than just our partner,

they are like family to our staff!"

~T.R, Flint, MI~

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