Talent Management

“I am convinced that nothing we do

 is more important than hiring and developing people.

At the end of the day, you bet on people, not on strategies.”

-Peter Drucker-

GEM Advocacy Group Believes…


Talent management is not the job of the human resources department. Talent should be every leader’s top priority. As Jim Collins reminds us, “Great vision without great people is irrelevant.” Organizations often look at the wrong things and end up with employees who have impressive lists of experiences and/or education, but lack in the core competencies necessary to achieve success in the position. Those lucky enough to hire quality candidates often succumb to high turnover rates due to a lack of growth and development opportunities for high achievers. 


is the cost of replacement

after turnover for an employee

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How we advocate for you:

  • Identify the critical competencies necessary for employees to realize the organization’s vision.

  • Examine hiring practices and candidate experiences.

  • Determine metrics to assess current inventory of employee competencies.

  • Create a talent management system to ensure quality recruitment, strategic placement, growth and development, and retention and removal.

  • Develop a strong relationship between human resources and organizational leadership.


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What People Are Saying....

"Ms. Watson was instrumental in the transformation of our Title I

program. Sarah's willingness to learn and act as a change agent

within our organization is noticed and lauded at all levels." 

~L.M. Washington D.C.~

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