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Taylor Anderson 
Social Media Manager

Taylor Anderson, Social Media Manager

What inspires you? 

I’m inspired by how a small change or single person can positively impact the world. I often think about how even in simple interactions I can uplift others, and the fact that we all have this ability.


How do you define success for yourself?

Success for me is defined by never giving up. Constantly moving forward through adversity and disappointing moments. 


Do you have a favorite podcast, TED Talk, blog, book/author that inspires you professionally?

One of my favorite podcasts is The GaryVee Audio Experience. It inspires me to challenge myself, show up authentically in all endeavors, and always add value. 


What’s an example of how failure in your life resulted in something great?

I had a difficult recovery after having heart surgery to fix a condition I was born with. I went straight into my fall semester and struggled to balance doctors' appointments, nurse visits, and having multiple apparatuses connected to me whilst going to school full time. I had to drop some classes and learn to be kind to myself. I spent time with learning, and sharpening my other skills. I am a more well rounded person for it. 


What part have your parents played in you finding success at such a young age?

My parents had me fairly late in their lives. So the lessons they’ve taught me have been enriched by all of their life experiences. I’ve learned the importance of planning my work and working my plan, and that I can accomplish anything with sheer will and determination. 


What expertise or passion do you contribute to GEM?

I have a passion for helping people believe in their best selves. I sometimes refer to it as “moving the domino an inch” by being vulnerable with others and creating a space where they can do the same I can assist them in having a life with less fallen dominos and more structurally sound peace. I’m well versed in the reach and power of the internet and thoroughly enjoy using my passion and skills to create a more compassionate world.

How has your education and career experience prepared you to be an ACE (Advocate, Consultant and Educator) for the GEM Group?

I am pursuing a degree in Communication and Media Studies. Throughout my time in school I have taken many classes to better understand people, our inner thoughts, and the ways our worldviews shape how we interact with everything/everyone we come in contact with.


How would the rest of the GEM team describe you? 

Creative, Understanding, Dynamic, and Warm-hearted. I am often referred to as the millennial resource! 


What is a current or past challenge that you have overcome or are working to overcome?

Naturally as a Virgo I tend to be very critical of myself and my work. In the past I’d let the pressure of perfection keep me from living fully. I have grown so much and now I combat those perfectionist thoughts with respect for “the process” in its many forms. 


What fun fact might others not know about you?

I am a singer/songwriter and poet. I have been performing both for a few years. I still do in my spare time.

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